Wisdom Tooth?

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I have a wisdom tooth coming out and it really hurts. What I want to know is, if there is any chance that it will just fall out once it is fully grown. I hate needles so that pretty much rules out going to the dentist and getting it taken out there.

Haha, well, your teeth won't fall out for no reason! I've had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out. They did numb you at first. But for me, my wisdom teeth hasn't grown in, so, they had to cut my gums and take it out. It wasn't that bad. Just a lot of pressure (like someone pressing your tooth really hard). But, really, I think you should get it out ASAP. because when it FULLY developed, your wisdom teeth's root will be deeper, and I guess harder? But I know for a fact that it will hurt more, if you get it done when it's fully developed. It will also take more time, since it's developed. It will cause crowding, and pain, when you eat, or whenever. So, the dentist will have such a hard time trying to extract it. I'm not trying to scare you! Just informing you to get it done ASAP. My extraction only took 1 hour to pull all 4 wisdom teeth out! It wasn't that bad. Just get them pulled while you're asleep. I'm sure that will help you!

Wait until it has fully grown through before taking it out while it is still coming through.

I got them out before they got through. It really is painless. I wasn't in any pain and everyone was spoiling me. It was great! The only thing is that on the first couple days I could still taste blood. I couldn't imagine getting it pulled…ouch.

u need stitches after t/t

you can have them taken out at any stage of development, because the dentist will go into your gun and remove it by the root.

they do hurt!

the dentist will shoot up your gums with stuff (can't spell it) and you'll just feel numb. then you'll see blood and bone flying on the dentist's goggles. don't worry though, after you get stitches in your gum from the removal, then it won't hurt too bad.

if you need more than one removed, you might want to be asleep. i had mine taken out while i was awake and got to see the bone and blood on her goggles, which grossed me out. also, the needles did hurt some until i was numb enough not to care about more shots.

I had my wisdom tooth out a couple of weeks ago at the dentist and I hate going but I had been in pain with it on and off for a couple of years, eventually I had an abcess so I had to go as I was told if it got to big it would cut off my air ways and I wouldn't beable to breathe, needless to say I went and to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought at all and no it won't fall out on it's own well eventually it will but it will take years and you will suffer go and get it out.

Teeth just don´t fall off by themselves. A tooth can fall if it has a periodontal (gum) disease. My advice is to go to your dentist and get an X-ray of your wisdom tooth to verify it´s position and it´s effect on your neighboring molar.

Good Luck!

You have no choice dude. If you wait till it's fully grown, you will have a swollen face. There isn't much space there. Go for a dentist to take it out. It's worth it. Good Luck! Bonne Chance

No it doesn't fall out and it was very sore to get taken out but I didn't need anything else like stitches

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