how hard do I have to pull?! I tried screwing the back around as I tested it on other stud earrings, but these starter earrings are freakin' hard to remove? I'm scared to pull the back too hard :/

Yep, as another answerer mentioned, it's because there is a little groove on the post of your earring that the back just clamps on to. It's to prevent the backs from falling off, and you losing your earring while the piercing is still healing.

Sorry, there isn't a trick to it, you just kind of have to pull hard. The worst that happens is that you pull the back off and the post out of your ear, but I'm assuming you're trying to change earrings anyways, right? You shouldn't have any problems with bleeding, just make sure you pull the post and back at the same time (in opposite directions, obviously), and try not to twist your earlobe while you're pulling.

They are HARD to get off because they have a groove that the back fits into and you have to pop the back out of the groove.

the worst your going to do is a little bleeding, Don't worry

use some small needle nose plyers

Pliers, a claw hammer or an angle grinder.

Once you have them off be prepared to buy more and then again more.

Get good ones.

get a firm grip on the stud part of the earring, and rest your hand against your cheek so it doesn't move.

You want to try to *pull the back off the post, but keep the post in the hole still.*

You will have to pull firmly, but if you keep the post in the hole it wont hurt or bleed.

(I always put continuous gold hoops in my ears for a while after so the back can get air and heal properly.)

U have to pull pretty hard for removing earrings it may hurt when u pull but just try it, and try to be as careful as u can

Ask someone for help!

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