Why am I so thirsty?

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I'm thirsty pretty much all the time. I drink loads and then go the toilet, drink again and then off to the toilet again! It's a cycle that I'd quite like to break. It's not diabetes because I've seen my physician and was given a blood test and it came back showing I had nothing wrong with me at all. So why could I be so thirsty? I'm sure I drink enough because I'm more or less drinking all the time. I don't drink alcohol, I know that's meant to make you thirsty but I don't drink.

Any suggestions?


Well what are you drinking? Are you drinking lots of water and you’re still thirsty? Or are you drinking sodas, or juices, or other things that have lots of sugar in them? Or, are you drinking any caffeine? This causes you to pee your liquids out, causing dehydration. If so, that could be your problem.

If not, maybe you are consuming a lot of salt. Some people dont think there diet is high in salt, but it actually is. Check the sodium level on nutrition facts before you eat things. How much sodium are you taking in everyday?

Another thing, how is the weather? is it hot where you live?

If not, this might help you:



Good luck

You mentioned that your blood glucose level is OK so therefore he's not worried about diabetes, but blood glucose levels are an indicator of only one form of the disease.

Now you can actually have a different form of diabetes called Diabetes Insipidus and rather than being linked to sugar in the blood it's actually linked to a hormone released from the brain.

This hormone controls the rate at which the kidneys filter your blood and therefore produce urine. If the hormone is working properly it stops the kidneys being too porous and letting the blood filter out lots and lots of urine.

But, if this hormone level starts to drop the kidneys will become very porous and will let lots of urine pass through, and consequently you can become very, very thirsty.

I am no Doctor but this is something you could mention to him….in any event see the Doctor again.

well i was going to say diabetes ,but you have had the blood test.so the next obvious thing would be,what you eat,and if you’re medication.there are certain medications such as efferesant pain killers which contain salt,and this will make you want to drink water.also check (if you’re on meds)with your doctor to see if these could be making you thirsty.

now diet,do you add salt to your food when cooking,or prepared ready meals,contain salt.you can change to low sodium.this is the only advice i can think of.

hope it helps

There are several reasons for excessive thirst. Polydipsia is a common symptom for many normal activities, including:


Loss of fluids, possibly by excessive sweating

Consuming spicy or salty foods, alcohol or caffeine

Certain medications can also result in the body craving more fluids, including: Read below and you’ll find your answer.

what’s your salt intake ( check labels ) are you drinking water that the best for thirst, don't care about it try a twist of lemon. stay away from sodas and sweets. do you exercise a lot or do you live in a dry or hot climate. glad to hear you went to a doctor. what does he say about your problem they usually know. your body is mostly water so it is great that you can drink this flushes out all the bad stuff in your system

You could have a problem with water retention in the body.

Do you’ve a high salt content diet? Do you sweat a lot? Maybe it's not in what you're drinking but eating that makes you thirsty.

I’m always still thirsty after drinking a glass of milk. I always wondered why until I found out that it holds a high salt content.

I’m glad you got a diabetes test. That is the first thing that comes to mind. Have your doctor run a thyroid test too. Hyperthyroidism can cause thirst.

Do you eat a lot of salty foods? Try to cut back on the sodium. Are you on any medications? Some medications (like allergy pills) can cause thirst.

Also, try some thirst quenching drinks like gatorade.

I don't know I actually have that problem too and like you I'm not diabetic either. You might have another condition, if not try to avoid drinking soda when you're thirsty it can quench you for a short time but it will end up making you even thirstier.

Your body needs all the fluid and besides it's good for. Other people can't even go to the toilet because of that! It's also because you move around a lot you don't just stay at one place all day.

Hope this makes you feel better. =)

well just drink and drink!!

do you drink a lot of beverages with caffeine? caffeine is a diuretic and will make you’ve to go to the lavatory. do you eat a lot of salty foods?

do you live in the desert? is it always hot and humid where you are? If the doc cant give you a reason then i doubt i can.

try stayinq away from salty food and when you are thirsty try not to drink if you get really thirsty drink a tiny bit of water not soda or juice

Might be a diabetic see your physician. Get a second opinion.

Maybe you eat too much salt. There is a huge amount of salt in restaurant and fast foods.

oops didn't see the bit about diabetes

Dear Hannah,

Without knowing more information, it is hard to come to a real answer, but hey walking in the dark is what id most of the time so I’ll give it a shoot, Lol.

Your body may be dehydrated and is begging for replenishment.

This might because of activity of over activity – here is a list.


Sexual activity


Non – sexual activity (this doesn’t mean you have to go out a get a boy to do you but also not masturbating and not getting a release, blocks the natural flow of the body and can cause health problems just not dehydration

Laziness or lack of Physical movement

Environment Heat or also coming off winter and now facing this summer’s heat. Have you moved to a hotter climate or moved to a new location of less humidly in the area?

There might be something chemically or physically blocking the flow of water in your system.

I did not mention diabetes, which could be but your physician, has ruled out, but I wouldn’t rule out, at least not yet.

I would go for a kidney and gall bladder test both might contribute to this problem but I would also go over the list above.

If you were my “patient” I would have, you go a natural route of life.

I would have you take a good natural or organic Vitamins and Minerals as well as reducing the sugar intake of your body.

I would eat your veggies, Lol, that is fresh or frozen not canned. I would go to a major farmers market etc. that has a massive selection and try different items to give you variety.

I would cut from your diet, foods that is either processed with salt or contains salt (Pork, Potatoes chip, French fries, etc.) and I would reduce or cut out salt intake for the most part.

I would go to a 100% cotton wardrobe as often as you can. That means cotton panties cotton bra or braless.

100 % Cotton t – shirts dresses etc. I would also for the most part wear blouses and skirts and I know this sounds weird but panty less when you can. Now let me explain why.

Each one sweats (I know men sweat – women perspire, Lol.

The less and less clothing you’ve on the less binding up of heat you have in your body means less sweat and less sweat less being dehydrated.

Also less clothes you have on your body is less binding up blood circulation etc.

We live in a society that has puritanical vies of life and those views do more damage that good to our health etc.

The Bible is a real book and it is the book one should live by but not the misinterpretation of the book.

Jesus Cares about you.

There is some things you should not do like same sex activity, abortion, etc. but I believe you already know that.

Last thing-

You body might be telling you to drink water to push out impurities in your cell tissue and can only happen with 100% pure water.

Drink water from the cleanest source and I would drink it as cold as possible (ICE in water) to incorporate healing and diffuse heat in your system.

I hope you find out what’s going on because this might be a very serious and life-threatening problem,

I wish you well

I hope this helps.

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