Do i have bad eyesight?

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right eye: sph-2.25 cyl +0.75 axis-180 left eye: sph-2.75 cyl + 0.75 axis 5

and can you please explain what the ranges are and for the azis why would there be such a difference?

Your prescription was written by an ophthalmologist. To get the actual number of how nearsighted you are, you need to add the cyl to the sph. This is :

right eye : (-2.25) + (+0.75) = -1.50 left eye : (-2.75) + (+0.75) = -2.00

The cyl changes from + to -. The axis changes by 90 degrees.

To make a long story short, your prescription is actually :

right eye -1.50 -0.75 x 090 left eye -2.00 -0.75 x 095

Your eyes are pretty close to each other. You are not that nearsighted (sph) and require nearly no correction for astigmatism (cyl). The axis is the angle at which light needs to enter your eye in order to be in focus. Having an axis that’s different between the eyes has no bearing on the amount of correction you need to see.

The range for prescriptions goes anywhere from 0 to infinity. I've had patients that are -16.00 and patients who are +16.00.

The Sphere, or sph, is how near or farsighted you are. Yoy have two and a quarter diopters of nearsightedness (myopia) in your right eye, and two and three quarters of it in your left. The Cylinder, or cyl, is your astigmatism. You have 3/4 of a diopter in each eye. The axis has no bearing on your vision at all. All that’s is the degree of the angle that light enters your eye. For example, my right eye has an axis of 7, the left, 163.

So…0.00 is perfect. + or - 0.25 is small, any number adds to it. Your vision is not terrible, it's pretty average really. You definitely would benefit from wearing glasses or contacts all the time though. You probably have a harder time reading things that are farther away, like the board at the front of the classroom, and probably your friends if they're standing a bit further away. With your astigmatism, you may experience a tiny blurriness up close as well. You would know if you had bad vision, you couldn't function without glasses. Don't worry, it could definitely be worse!

Gancer Girl pretty much nailed it but one teensy bit to add. For the axis, it is in degrees, because it is a cylindrical lens, after rotating it 180 degrees, it is like starting over at zero again. So your 180 & 5 could be thought of as 180 & 185 or 0 and 5; your two axes are actually quite close.

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