Hi everyone,

I need tiny help, I'm going on my first holiday abroad with my boyfriend and his family. I’m very pale and tend to burn not tan and they all tan!

As I dont want to look like a milk bottle next to everyone else in my bikini I'm looking into fake tans. The only problem is I supose they will was off with the forst dip in the pool or ocean.

Is there anything I have the ability to do to waterproof the fake tan. ie will waterproof sun screen protect the colour but not turn me into a walking zebra with tan stripes?

Any advice welcome :)

Not really. It always fades.

Get a night gradual moisturising tanner you can apply before bed and wake up everday with a beautiful tan!

Have fun on the holiday,

Laikey xx

Dove summer glow body lotion, the tan doesnt happen straight away you have to work up to it by putting a bit on each day, it does take a tiny while to dry in but when i use it and go in the bath/shower it doesnt come of straight away, try it out though before you go on holiday.

Fake tan wont wash off straight away but it will in time… maybe you should try the gradual tanning lotions that way it'll always be about the same even when your in and out of the pool/sea.

Remember to wear suntan lotion too though!!

go to a tanning salon ( if you are under 18 you’ll need to carry a parent or a person who is 18 or older) and ask for a Mystic Tan!! they run about 20-30 dollars VERY worth it

All fake tans will turn you orange. What you need is sun tan lotion to prevent burning. Get some sun girl.

if you use jergens lotion it tans you and protects your skin and it doesnt wash off in the water :))

Stay white and be proud of it. It isn’t clever to get skin cancer and look like Mr T

use solarium , the tan lotions don’t work for a long time

Maybe try a spray on tan. I've seen many people get those for the beach, etc. so I assume it is somewhat waterproof

no its not.be fearful what put on your body

Hey there

I'm no expert because I do tan easily. However, I’ve used the Neutregena Build-a-tan. Basically it's just a daily moisturizer that adds bronze tone to your skin with each application. I envision most self-tanners do the same thing, although others are much stronger. (the build-a-tan is milder, which I like because I don't have to worry about turning orange overnight). They soak INTO your skin and last a few days, so they shouldn't wash off in the water. Once mine is at the right colour, I usually stop applying for a few days so I don't get too dark. I still shower daily, with soap and it doesn't come off. I don't think you need to worry.

Wearing waterproof sunscreen overtop of your colour might help protect it that much longer.

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