Since I turned 30 I’ve noticed that a few wiry hairs are sprouting from my chin!! I keep plucking them out with tweezers hoping that they won't grow back but they do! I thought if you waxed or plucked hair out the hair becomes softer or eventually wont grow back but this isn't the case with these suckers?!

Do any other girls have this problem? What do you advocate?!

Pain in the butt aren't they? The hair removal industry is full of lies, like if you wax, it makes it grow back finer, but if you pluck it stimulates growth…bollox, it's the same process on a follicular level! It much commoner than you think. I always thought it was just me then I started speaking to women friends and they mostly have this to some degree. My brother recently stated to me “when you were a teenager you had a 'tache, what happened?” I just deal with it, I don't allow it to exist. When I get really old I think I'll just let it all grow and join a circus.

Current strategy: epilator followed by Skin Physician “Hair No More” to slow it down a bit…not sure if it works that well, feels nice though.

I'm pale skinned with dark hair and have the same problem , so can seriously sympathise-sometimes I feel very sorry for myself because I’ve to check for them each morning in case one has had a growth spurt or something ,and has to be plucked-sucks dunnit.

I'm looking in to laser removal as I believe it's the only answer but then again there are women out there born blind,or deaf or with serious physical challenges to overcome so I feel very shallow for getting upset by something that crosses my mind for 20 seconds in the morning.

Guess it's just part of life….

I’ve this problem too, theres about 4 hairs but the more i pluck, the stronger they get!!

I just keep plucking them, hopefully I wont get any more.

You can get DIY electrolysis kits but I’ve not had the guts to try this as I’m not sure how effective they are.

I've dealt with the same problem. The best thing you’ll do for yourself…get laser hair removal!

I've only had one treatment so far and I’m very happy to say that I can already see at least a 70% reduction. I check each day for new growth and it is nothing like before.

I think after a few more treatments, I will be free.

I’ve had that problem since I hit puberty, 17 years ago. I have been plucking the same little suckers for 17 years. That is the only thing you can do, and no they never get less wiry.

i have a single whisker on my chin but it's kinda long. good thing it's not thick. i don't pluck it, i just let it be. i think plucking will stimulate thicker growth.

Yh i have the same problem but the best thing you can do is bleach them they become absolutely unnoticeable

yes.this problem is very common.u can follow the same.if u wana get permanently rid of it u may go to kaya skin clin clinic.they provide laser treatment.but its pricey too.

i have lots sometimes,i check each day and pull them out.its usually starting menopause,but it can just happen for nothing

Welcome to the world of getting older. I’ve to pluck each morning. It is due to hormones.

I pluck too! I have white, tiny whiskers. I don't want to wax as I've heard they come back thicker than ever. Just keep on plucking them.

yur probably a man.

i use fusion blades u get them at local co.op for 6.99 for 3 razors

use asda shaving gel at 99p its cool

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