i had bit of sticky white discharge…im ttc and checked myself this morning. The other day it was clear white sticky discharge, today there wasnt much, so i inserted a finger to check and there was abit but it was much thicker. (sorry if its too much info!) whats going on? Have i ovulated?im confused cos i have just come off the pill on 22jan…..when would i ovulate? my last withdrawal bleed after stopping pill was on 26jan and lasted 2 days only.

I'm not sure what 'TTC' means, but…

White discharge is normal at the beginning and end of ovulating. Experts say that a teaspoon a day is normal.

The consistency of discharge varies due to movement, hydratrion, congestion, infections, hormones (hence before and after ovulation), and where you are in your ovulation cycle. It ranges from very fluid like to the sticky white, as you've explained.

Some references say that leukorrhea is sign of disease and infection, but as long as it's WHITE and ~1tsp a day, I wouldn't worry. I've always been told it's COMPLETELY normal for us ladies.

Infections are usually more yellow in color. If it's more than ~1 tsp [4mil], it could be a sign of pregnancy!

I don't mean to scare you, but white, thick, sticky, discharge was one of my triggers just about a year ago when I learned about my first pregnancy(it was much more than a tsp). How ironic, that it was the same time frame as you!! Five days off, I think! Take that into consideration if you are sexually active.

Now that I've implanted the possibility that you MAY be pregnant [denial is such a big thing]….

…drink a lot of fluids and see if the consistency changes. Also keep eye on the color. It could just be a simple yeast infection, or you're just ending your ovulating cycle [even tho you were only bleeding for two days].

Most importantly, withdrawing your body from the hormones that the pill was providing can play tricks on your body. Give your body time to adapt.

If the discharge doesn't seem to dissipate, consider taking at at home pregnancy test, or possibly an at home yeast infection treatment [especially if there is a slight odor]. If you have the means, a trip to the doctor can never hurt, either.

You will want to buy ovulation tests. The ovulation mucus is usually of egg white consistancy. Good Luck and Baby Dust.

I read somewhere that when you are ovulating your discharge become more elastic. Kinda looks like snot. Gross I know but thats how I could tell I was ovulating. I think it might apply to an obvious change in your discharge. Just pay attention to changes in your body. And use this website. Helped me alot. Now I'm 2 months pregnant!

Monitoring your discharge can take a little getting used to because it can be so subjective. The fertile CM is usually a slippery, stretchy, consistency, much like egg whites, or as the person above elegantly noted, snotty. :-) Also, make sure that you test it the same way every day (if you check out your toilet paper, then only look at it that way, if you check by inserting two fingers and "collect" the CM that way, then keep it consistent) because different methods will give you different results and it will get even more confusing.

If this is your first month trying, I would just start having sex every day or every other day until your next cycle. It may take a few cycles after you go off of BC to get "regular". In fact, most doctors recommend you wait 2-3 months, so it is easier for them to pinpoint when your due date would be. Good luck and lots of baby dust.

egg white discharge is fertile mucus..the thicker whiter mucus is probably infertile mucus..when ur ttc the egg white mucus helps maintain and carry the sperm and so the thicker mucus is not as sperm friendly..cos after ovulation the purpose of the other thick mucus is to stop bacteria from enterin the cervix so if u concieve it more or less protects the fertilization process.go to fertility friends.com..at the min im doin a course thing with them.they send me 20 lessons by email and there is a lil quiz at the end to c how u get on..it is well worth the try.i have learned more about my mucus pattern cos i always thought if i had mucus i could concieve and its simply not like that.. hope this helps good luck in ttc.

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