Erm hey, what’s normal for the appearance of outer vaginal lips? I always think mine are really quite saggy compared to what i think they’re meant to look like, but then again ive never seen anyone elses V so I dont know :S
And what’s a camel toe?
Please dont state like why the hell am i asking on here, but i would prefer have strangers views than people i know so that i can come to an answer without embarrassing myself.
And guys, does it matter to you? Are you ever put off by the appearance of a vagina? Some guys at school were laughing about some girl who had a 'disgusting p*ssy'

Thankyou… :S :)

(Im 18 btw).

Any details on 'normal' and 'prefered' would be appreciated (:

Ugh vags come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and such. Guys only probably talk trash about a girl down there, because they don't like the girl the vag is attached to. My view is don't let some guy see yours if you think he’s the kind of person to talk about you that way. Secondly i mean a vag could be so disgusting that it puts people off for many health reasons… STD's, yeast infections, or just poor hygiene, but really if you’re safe, clean and tested find a guy that likes you for you, not your vag because its “normal”. Also my ideal friend and i have similar vags, but our other friends has one that is probably closer to what you said about “saggy” and to us it doesn't matter. And when i talked to it about guys, they really don't care either. It's the person who has it that counts.

Holy cow, this is taking body consciousness too far! If we can't even have individuality in our most private of parts, we might as well all stop procreating and start cloning.

There’s no normal, just like faces our parts are very special. And a camel toe is when a woman wears pants so tight you can see the outline of her vulva. Vulgar - both the phrase and the activity!

a camel toe is when you wear something very tight and the fabric get inside a little bit like when the trousers get into the crack
you should try to look at porn site and you will see (apart form the very young one) that there is a lot of different type of vagina some tight some loose, big flappy lips small flappy lips etc… dont worry about the men as long as they have the ability to get some sugar they’re happy
goos luck

Everyone looks and is a little different.
There is nothing wrong with you at all.
The guys you heard laughing and making those comments about some girl more than likely had no idea at all.

Oh yea and camel toe is when a female is wearing something so tight that one can see the profile of their V.

There's no such thing as a “normal” V… everybody's is different and as long as yours hasn't changed, it's still normal for you.

Camel toe is when you can see the shape of your V because your pants are too tight. Like this: http://www.swollenpickles.com/wp-content… It's called that because it looks like an actual camel's toe.

As far as guys caring what your V looks like… if they do, they aren't worth it. You can do better than someone as shallow as that.

Naturally, there's all shapes and sizes of personal equipment. Most have nothing to do with what you do, but your parent's genes.

Camel toe… You might want to google camel toe. Or watch The Weather Man with Nicholas Cage.

As for guy's thought. Sure, I LOVE flawless body with 0 body fat, but that's not my wife.

It's something you have no control over. If a guy is put off by it, perhaps you should find a guy that's mature enough to understand.

everyones are different i wouldnt worry to much about it i mean have you has sex though? i always think mine are strange to and im pretty sure guys arent turned off by it unless it smells like horrible or sumthing and a camel toe is like if you rolll your shorts or pants up to much and it makes that triangle on your pants

UM well your lips are normal..lol because everyone is their own person..same with the penis some can be leaning a lil to the left smaller than other its all genetics. and a nasty vagina is just dudes being immature ya dig..and camel toe is..a girls pants is up their crouch and they call it that or the appearance of one

-meeks aka HAnds0me Hustla

there is no exact way of what your v-lips should look like, we all have very special ones thats what makes them unique. As for me mines are kind of small which makes me very concern but guys really dont care. as for the camel toe its when your pants are so tight that people could see your pu**y basically .

The guys at school laughing about a gross vagina….they probably have NO idea what one (up close) looks like. THey are just teenage children that are trying to act cool.

No, I'm sure you look fine “down there.”

Camel toe is when you're wearing clothing too tight and you can see the lips of your vagina.

i've read that vaginal lips come in all shapes and sizes..they're different for each girl and chances are theres no wrong look for a vagina.
but if u rly are worried the best thing to do is go to a doctor.
and a camel toe is..>> this>>http://homedir-a.libsyn.com/podcasts/641…
pants up too high it looks like a camels toe down there.

dont apologize Cinds, feel free to ask whatever question you want.
Vagina's come in all shapes and sizes, some with larger outer lips and some with more massive inner lips.
its nothing to worry about, or be ashamed of.
if it bothers you later in life, then get a labioplasty.

Why are you so worried about it?? There’s nothing you can do to fix it. period. Every female is different and DO NOT WATCH porn to see what a P*** should look like… Beucase remember them ho** have had ONE TO many ding-a-lings and are NOT normal looking lol.. PLUS if your worried about what a guy is going to think about “it” WHY are you with that guy if you think he's gonna be making fun of you?? Dont let it bother you… seriously…

how saggy are they?
a tiny sagging is normal.
camel toe is when the lips of the vagina are protruding or they come out a tiny bit. some girls have it, some dont. again, perfectly normal. it matters to some guys. some guys are put off by the appearance.


you are normal! they look different for every girl. there is nothing to worry about. i read once that some tribal people way back when would stretch theirs to attract men.. kinda weird if you ask me. but everyone is different! guys shouldn't really care either, and if they make a huge deal about it, you shouldn't be with that guy!

It is always like that, it tecnically is just excess skin (thats what vaginal lips are) and as for camel toe thats usually what jeans that are to tight on you or pants that give you a kind of ''v'' shape in the croch area of your pants.

there isn't a “normal” appearane for vagina lips. everyone is different.
camel toe is when a girls pants go between her vagina and everyone can see the line where the pants go up.

each vagina is different … no one looks the same… and no.. no guy is going to say im not tappin that because its ugly. when those guys were talking about an disgusting p*ssy they probable saying how she had it looked like an std or something … or how it was all hairy and such

All vag's are different.

And a camel toe is when you’ve tight pants on that show the crack where your pus*y is. Or it can also just refer to the crack it's self when you put your legs together.

everyone is different. “normal” is really relative. but try looking at pictures on the internet if you think it will make you more comfortable.

18 year old boys don't know what the hell they're talking about.

Don't really know what “normal” vagina lips are supposed to look like, but a camel toe is when a girl wears really tight pants which makes her vagina kind of stick out like a camel's toe.

uhhh i dont know what you mean by saggy, but i doubt it is… Camel toe is like a weggie but n the front, so between your lips not you butt crack…

Everyone is different….there’s certainly no set 'standard' or any 'normal' appearance…rest about it…it shouldn't be an issue

Everyone is different. camel toes are when your pants rise in a 3 “spots” sorta like ….. UU……..It just sinks in the sides and in the middle and it looks like a camels foot.

Camel toe is when you are wearing something over your vag, ie pants or a bathing suit or just underwear and you can see the outline of your labia.

Don't worry! It's completely normal, even though I can’t say I like it as I don't have a preference :)

Everyone is very special. It wouldn't put me off as it's part of the person.

A camel toe is when your pants/underwear are transparent OR when they’re too tight and get between khmm..the lips…
It actually does look like camel to. Try google pictures..youll get it.

Its probably not saggy babydoll. Your pants are probably too tight. A camel toe is when the crease of your jeans goes right up your pants.

camel toe is when ur pants r pulled up really high and ur 'down south area' is pulled up like a V so it looks like a camel toe

Guys need a nice vagina! :P

Uhh, I can't tell you what normal is unless I show you a picture. (Ew)

Uuuuum, camel toe is when you're wearing tight pants and your vagina looks like a … camel toe. :S

As to whether it matters, if I can get within licking distance of that thing I really don't care if it looks like a bulldog that just ate a quart of mayonnaise.

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