I'm not pregnant! Just want to know a little bit more before i prepare myself :-)


I might also wonder why you asked the question? If you are considering preparation for a future pregnancy, but not one at age 15 years, why ask about being pregnant at 15?

These days most girls are pretty much physically mature at 15 years and perfectly capable biologically to have children. The much bigger issue is that 15 year olds are generally not psychologically mature and thus not mentally ready to have, or look after a child. This is why the law quite correctly attempts to protect their vulnerability and makes having sex at 15 an illegal act, often constituting rape, whatever the circumstances!

having a child at such a young age could hurt a 15 year old financially as well as potentially hurt their future plans of college, ect. as far as physically though, i dont think there are many risks. my friend had a baby at 15.

But if you mean what are the chances of a 15 year old getting pregnant, as long as shes sexually active and has reached puberty, she has the same chance as getting pregnant as a grown woman.

I hope you don't mean prepare yourself to get pregnant at 15 because that is the stupidest idea ever!

same chances as a full grown woman

Health: well, the sheer pain could knock her out, and may even cause death.

There is a very high chance of miscarriage, as her body cannot support the weight and other things…

Financially, unless her parents are super rich, a 15 year old cannot provide a decent life for the baby.

Socially, everybody disapproves of a 15 year old having a baby.

Future, the baby would grow up and not respect her mother, as the age gap is extremely small.

By the way, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

If you have good antenatal care and look after yourself there are no greater risks, but a lot of v. young pregnant girls do not have and do these things.

Teen pregnancies carry extra health risks to the mother and the baby. Often, teenagers don't receive timely prenatal care, and they have a higher risk for pregnancy-related high blood pressure and its complications. Risks for the baby include premature birth and a low birthweight.

For the mam probably not that many except not having a life.

For the kid, having a child as a mother can only be a bad thing. Sorry. I don't mean to be rude but if you are considering having a child at 15 then you need to get a hobby or something because you are too young (for both you and the child)

preparing yourselves for what? not having a baby i hope.

you are just a child yourself. you need to give a child a home, and a stable relationship. for which you need money, somewhere to live, not just that you "love him".

grow up first and be sensible.

if they have reached puberty than they have the same chance to get pregnant as any other women.

The risks are not bieng prepared, that person is still in school. if they are in school then obviously she will have to deal with all the rumor and jokes about her. Then there is also the medical bills that are needed durring pregnancy and birth and that is not Cheap, you also risk having diabetes and high blood pressure and lots of stress. Also lets say that person is active but not pregnant. you can still get STDS like chlamydia, herpes, and possible risk ofHIV/ AIDS.

please just look up everything that could possible happen becuase things like these do happen and they can serverly change the life of a person.

not to mentio a home and the neccesities that a child needs.

There aren't that any risks associated to health of the mother or the child providing she is doing all that any responsible mother-to-be should do like not smoking or drinking etc etc.

The real risk it the financial security and emotional welfare of the mother and her ability to raise a child.

No one, whether they are 12 or 50 should bring a child into the world if they do not have their own home, their career sorted, a secure family environment.

At 15, you will not have any of these things and having a child can only hinder you getting them in the future…

You will be setting yourself up to have a very poor quality of life for you and the child.

hi, i am a young mum, and just want to advise you.if you plan on getting pregant be warned that its a huge responsibility, it will effect your life in such a huge way, finance, social life etc if you are planning on getting pregnant at your age, just think about it carefully because it will change your life. i'm speaking from experience and even though i love my child so much, they changed my life.

Personally, if whoever your asking for this question I think they need complete support from family and friends and of course her boyfriend.

Cos bringing up a kid at 15 is a hell alot of responsibility for a 15 year old girl to look after a baby cos she is still only a child too.

And it is the financial side of things as well, I think if the girl has got full support from family and friends then I think it should work out, but she will have the social services sniffing around all the time checking to make sure that the baby is OK, and it has everything the baby is needing.

But it can bring a family down to breaking point at times cos the 15 year old is having the time of her life and not taking responsibility for her new born baby.

Good Luck hope this helps

There is every chance of 15 year olds getting pregnant if they have unprotected intercourse, it would be very sad if this was to be the case as they are really still children themselves

Basically your hormones are ready to have a baby but your frame may not be quite up to it. My cousin had a baby at 21 and even then her hips weren't quite big enough so a lot of skin and flesh ripped so its worse when you have smaller hips! Its mainly that you will experience more physical trauma and of course more social withdrawal than anyone of the same age. Your hormones will also not be as balanced so you may suffer from things such as post natal depression and such more than the average pregnant woman. It may also but a lot of strain on you back creating back problems in the spine and muscles. You may also develop knee problems or general pregnancy problems such as those to do with your viens. You will also develop stretch marks!

To be quite honest I fail to understand your question. (Prepare yourself for what please??).

God only know how many babies I had to deliver to a child who is a baby herself, and even worse off in a refugee camp located in a war zone.

1. How does a child's mind, bring up a child??.

2. For get about refugee camps or war, how do you think a child who has not completed her education and is a minor is going to be able to support a child let alone give that child the education he/shes deserves in life.

3. All the minor who bring a baby into the world, is doing is repeating the cycle of ignorance, and poverty, for the future generation.

4. Society is usually left to support the child and the mother on welfare of some sort.

5. I will not even venture into the medical complication that can arise from giving birth and being a minor.



Mind Doctor, France

It can damage your hips as they are not fully developed yet, although you may think you are as developed as you're going to be. You would probably need to have a caesarean birth, certainly. I don't think there are many other known physical risks, but the mental and emotional risk factor is high. Do you want to be knee deep in nappies while your mates are out enjoying themselves, free to come and go as they please, unencumbered by a shrieking, needy baby? Having to clean up its poo, bath it, feed it, clothe it, cuddle it? It sounds wonderful on paper but the reality is somewhat different.

Oh, and don't expect your fifteen year old boyfriend to to help you and share the responsibility- you won't see him for dust once the novelty wears off.

Physically, most 15-year-olds are entirely capable of getting pregnant and having a baby, and the pregnancy will most likely be normal. It happens every day all around the world. However, from a practical standpoint, having a baby at such a young age is not a very good idea. The number one cause of long-term poverty for women is being a young single mother.

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